Its officially been one year since we installed the parklet….and already we can’t imagine vans without it!

Over 2 years ago the initial idea of building a parklet sparked our interest, inspired by the vibrant alfresco scene in San Fran.

Months and months of research, planning and design meetings finally resulted in the project coming to life last October.

We got the guys at West Media to capture the install through a 5 day time-lapse 

check out the full version above 


Fast forward a year and we have been overwhelmed with praise from the community and our customer base about what it has added not just to the vans landscape but to the Cottesloe street scape. 


We love seeing people enjoying the space, from weekend cocktails on balmy summer nights to catching those first rays of sunny on wintery mornings. We are just so grateful that people enjoy it as much as we love having it be apart of vans and we can't imagine life at vans without it now. 


Here is to one year on, and many many years enjoying it!